Sunday, March 13, 2011

Terminus Battle Summary

Phew! This was quite a game. I took a logfile on vassal so that I record everything accurately and do the typical vassal batreps in the style I prefer.... Unfortunately the game was excessively long due to me playing the Big T and this game went straight to attrition leaving only our casters in the end. The game was quite literally nearly 10 turns long if not a tiny bit longer. We both played cryx, Gaspy v Terminus. How perfect is that? The annoying undead druid continues to enrage Terminus to the point of yet another conflict. I really enjoyed the game and learned quite a lot about Big T and even though I lost, I still got a great feel for the army and picked up on quite a lot of mistakes I made through the game. Necrosurgeons need to play far back and have their stiches use her command to collect the bodies and create a small second wave each turn rather than being next to the combat. Both surgeons took a BOC to the face and couldn't sac pawn due to it being magic... I forgot tough rolls for a good half of the game. Overall this was a blast to watch both of us try to outwit one another and ended up killing all of our models down to casters. I feel like I may have been able to get Gaspy but I decided to risk it and threw terminus straight at him in hopes of threatening a FS. Unfortunately I was barely short, he charged and wrecked terminus with his last strike. Terminus rolled his tough like a champ.... a 1 .... Either way, the whole game was action packed and exciting for both sides. I truly can't wait to practice Big T more and get a rematch! (Also I love helldivers, one almost murdered BLT on his own and the other ended up providing crucial trample blockers when needed.)


  1. Yeap this game was a whole lot of fun! Thanks for the comment. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Thanks for stopping by!