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So I've been a sneaky cryx player and had actually gotten by rulebook back a week ago but didn't want to bring up the good new until I had a battle to report as well. Which if you can tell where this is going means I have a battle report! WOO

Dirty Druids! -15pts - Cris
Gator Posse

Crazy Cryx - 15pts -Me
Goreshade + Deathwalker
Withershadow Combine

Setup: This was the map, Forgot to take setup of army pics... We played on the right side of the map i set up a straight line seether left, goreshade + deathwalker, reaper WSC
Druids- Wolf was on the left gators and kaya in the middle and whitemane on the far right.
I won the roll for first.

Cryx Turn 1
Sorry for the huge pic kinda rusty at the vassal reports my bad :(
Seether ran forward, Reaper ran as well, Deathwalker ran in between them. Goreshade advanced and cast shadowmancer so everyone has stealth. WSC ran around the stupid rock in the way but kept pace with the army.

Circle Turn 1

The warpwolf ran forward still on the left. The gators ran in front of kaya to guard her. The Whitemane sprinted across the river and hid near the trees. Kaya advanced a tiny bit and cast occulation on the warp wolf so now he is stealthy! (GRRR)

Cryx Turn 2- The Tragedy...
Those of you who are actually good at this game might wonder, Jason why did your army barely move up and looks like you hardly hurt anything... Then you are correct.... Not a single thing was hurt as my reaper was short by half an inch and failed the reaper seether combo. Reaper missed after moving forward :( The seether ran forward in frustration. The deathwalker moved forward and stopped in awe at such a fail. The WSC decided no worries guys we got this! Were totally gonna shoot some gator's to make life better.... HAHA JK short by half an inch as well.... Goreshade advanced and cast shadowmancer with a solid facepalm.

Circle Turn 2
Get your beatings here! Get your beatings! ... shouts the concession stand run by Orboros....
Whitemane started us off by chewing tremulus' face off and sprinting to threaten reaper, and the rest of WSC. Gators charged forward and punched the poor reaper's face in but left his helldriver and cortex YAY. Next up the Wolf charges the seether and punches the seether's face in but luckily was out of control range and so couldn't out right murder him... although really close. Kaya advanced and camped her fury while cheering on her boys.

Cryx Turn 3
Ouch.... Now its time for cryx to open up a can of whoop ass. First the pretty lady herself boldly runs between all the fray and chills the field. Next the seether limps around the Wolf and punches him for 14 to the face :) Next up the man with the plan charged boldly forward and stabbed the Wolf twice and murdered it ( GO DEATHWALKER!) Goreshade feats and casts shadowmancer. The banes charge kaya, a gator, and whitemane. The whitemane was slaughtered thanks to deathwalker! :) The gator lives another day as they were out of range... Lastly of all the banes at kaya only one could get contact due to poor movement :p Luckily this lil bugger rolls like a fiend, not only manages to hit her but drops her to 1 HP! WOO
Next up Reaper needs to start clearing charge lanes and stabs 2 gators out of the world thanks to deathwalker + shadowmancer. WSC no longer engaged back away a little and murder a gator with darkfire.

Circle Turn 3
Those of you with keen eyes will realize that its the same picture... Kaya boldly attempted to walk away from my bane.... who promptly made his FS and exploded her..... win!
                                                                         GAME OVER

Thoughts: Need to practice more with this 15 pts list. I like it a lot but relying on the reaper to set up charges is too risky and really got my face punched in for letting that happen. Feat as always was a great help and the banes never fail to protect their master :)

The Happy Couple.     

I count them as one since I get 2 for 1 anyway. Goreshade killing a wolf was awesome as well as deathwalker making life easier for nearly my whole army :)

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