Friday, January 28, 2011

Woo Battlebox Game

Sorry all wanted to get this battle report sooner. Unfortunately a lot of bad things happened all at once but its sorted out and back to the game!
Alright so this game was against a good friend of mine, Kevin we both started this game pretty much together and it was a lot of fun :)
Kevin's Khador

Jason's Cryx
Slayer (Snuggles)
Defiler (Spewy)
Deathripper (Smashy)
Deathripper (Fido)

Deployment as such the deployment zone was clear but this was the map :)
 Rolled for first and I failed haha ah well
Khador Turn 1
So the Destroyer got focus as shown and was hoping to get a nice early shot off but was out of range and the scatter didn't favor the bold. Sorscha moved forward and cast Fog of War. Juggernaut ran his little heart out.

Cryx Turn 1

Smashy ran on the left where he felt safe. Spewy decided to guard the wall. Snuggles ran forward to block los to Denny. Fido ran right side. Denny advanced and tried to cast crippling grasp but missed by 2/10ths of an inch... le sigh haha

Khador Turn 2
(Note Denny was prepped for her turn took the pic too late... Sorry!)
Khador uses their feat so once again activation is significant.  Sorscha advanced cast, Boundless charge, Feated and then ran away using windrush [what I suggested to kevin I want him to get tricky :)] The destroyer shot at the slayer and dealt some damage, juggernaut charged in and slaughtered snuggles :( [Sidenote to me: Seriously? You need to learn to use your slayer better, He gets killed everytime for no reason!]

Cryx Turn 2 

Grr Stinky Khador jerk faces... Okay well Smashy used his focus to advance for an arc angle. Spewy used a focus and then lined up a real nice spew! Corroded the destroyer and missed sorscha ah well. Denny moved forward feated , cast crippling grasp on the juggernaut, then smacked him in the face for a shadowbind :) Fido shook with a focus and then tried to nom on the jug but didn't deal much damage but its okay. 

Khador Turn 3

Destroyer decided to beast out and slap spewy around :( Sorscha cast razorwin on spewy but missed! Yay! Juggernaut tried slapping around fido but couldn't pin him down.

Cryx Turn 3

So decided that Denny would bloody her hands this time and the chickens would rescue her if needed. Denny cast scourge through spewy and sorscha is knocked down. Denny charged in hit her real hard on the charge, bought another attack and skewered sorscha for a job well done! GAME OVER

Opinion: Lots of fun Kevin is definitely learning some more tricks and albeit didn't win, had me on the run. Which is great seeing as I started playing again a month ahead of him and this was his first game back. Overall I think this game was good fun and showed a lot of improvement on my thought process and especially Kevin's. 

Best Team Player! Spewy helped Denny immensly by arcing scourge!

Thats right the lovely lady herself is MVP this game. She earned her kill bravely!
 Yea thats right I just added best team player because Spewy sealed the deal for denny and I feel he deserved some important notice. Don't like it? TOO BAD! Haha.

Totally Awesome Battle Report for Once!

Yeap thats right I finally planned ahead and took pictures of my game so I could keep everyone properly informed :) No more half-assed battle reports... So long as I remember to do this... And will only be for vassal games.... but yeah!

Cryx Battlebox - Me
Snuggles (Slayer)
Defiler (Spewy)
Deathripper (Smashy)
Deathripper (Fido)

Cygnar Battlebox - Tmage


Steamroller Map 5 

The map was pretty basic the deployment zones aren't shown but they were clear so yea

Battle Report!
So we rolled off and I won first and chose top with my cryx!
Cryx Turn 1

As shown in the picture above, (if its too tiny click it and its get hugeee) Spewy runs on the far left, Smashy runs on the inside left, Denny moved forward and hugged the wall, Snuggles ran forward on the inward right, and lastly Fido ran forward and the far right.

Cygnar Turn 1
 Charger shot at spewy and tore of his head and cortex =( Stryker moved forward and failed at casting earthquake on smashy and scatter to no where important. Lancer ran forward and chilled in front of the wall. Ironclad ran forward hanging onto the edge of the wall. 

Cryx Turn 2

Smashy ran boldy forward and hugged the charger trying to stop him from shooting, Spewy limped away from the shots closer to denny, Denny moved forward, arced crippling grasp onto the Ironclad. Snuggles charged and generally wiffed at doing any real damage to the lancer. Fido ran forward and arced at the Ironclad for denny.

Cygnar Turn 2
The charger swung at lil smashy and he nimbly dodged :) Stryker cast earthquake hitting both lancer and snuggles and he feated :(. Lancer gives up move and starts to slowly ping away on Mr. Snuggles. Ironclad frustrated that he has grasp on him limps forward torward the combat.

Cryx Turn 3
Smashy had full focus and managed to do a lil bit of damage even against strykers feat! :) Spewy limped forward from denny to help arc on the charger but failed to crippling grasp ( never knew I had to roll for an offensive debuff.. :[ ) Denny tried casting grasp but failed. Snuggles gave up his move to combo strike lancer in the face and did pretty healthy damage :) Fido wanted to help keep Ironclad in place and ran behind him got wrecked pretty hard from free strike but surprisingly didn't lose anything significant.

Cygnar Turn 3

Gonna change up the left to right order I've been doing as order was very important in this turn. Stryker had boldy moved forward cast, earthquake and KD denny but didn't know about stealth so his guns couldn't hit. The charger sprinted past smashy and spewy in order to help mitigate denny, Fido did a heavy FS :) The lancer pinged on the slayer and didn't make much impact... Ironclad turned and started slapping around fido but realized fido is very hard to hit, Hurray for grasp! Huzzah! 

Cryx Turn 4
 Spewy paced in a lil closer and arced for denny. Denny passed movement to stand then cast scourge through spewy onto stryker but sadly it scattered and hit lancer, stryker, and Snuggles! Denny then arced a boost dmg venom dealing 7 points. Smashy turned around and bit stryker in the face and dealt a nice 9 damage :) Stryker is down to 1 box and Mr Snuggles has no way to reach him O.o  Crunch time Fido! Fido boldly sprints past the ironclad nimbly dodging the ironclad's hammer and deals another 11 points! GAME OVER

Overall this game was very tricky and both of us struggled quite a lot. I really need to reread the rules :) A lot of rules I never really knew for sure came up today and learned a lot of important things.... I am hating denny more and more....

Overall I am proud of all my models everyone had their own important part, whether it be tying up a model, hurting a jack, or just running up and taking a nice big ol bite out of stryker!

MVP- FIDO! Successfully earned himself a caster kill and came through when I needed him most!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Might have finally sold someone (: ])

So I finally got around to getting in a few games with my friends around my place and teach them how to play.
We agreed only jacks but he insisted on 25 pts (-_-)
Cryx (Me)


I set up and went first. He set up his army all up front can't remember the order was too busy teacherin. I set up my army all across from him staring him down O.o
Terrain = NONE

So my turn I gave focus to all of my jacks and ran full throttle at his army ready to take my beating. He moved very cautiously and shot at a few jacks and I lost a few points >.< Next turn I advance my reaper to shoot his heavy and completely missed by a 1/5 of an inch >.<  The slayer who was ready to help his reaper bro ran away disappointedly across the table. The death rippers ran into the jack shooting at him hoping for free strikes. The defiler kept near denny and they both pushed forward. Next turn the menoth feated and pushed his heavy forward to help him charge reaper (my idea, awesome it worked, sad i killed my own reaper...) The deathrippers get beat up on and thats about it. My turn i run a deathripper cause FS and he dies =::( The other deathripper can't move or bite or anything. Denny feats catching all the models in :) and casted parasite through the defiler that walked past his heavy and took a FS. The last deathripper thats untouched sprints into kreoss. Menoth is badly crippled and trys slapping things around and fails pretty bad. The completely uneventful slayer charges and revenger hits it and bounces off for giggles. The deathripper says he is sick of this and noms on kreoss' face! HURRAY FOR SMASHY!!!!!!
He is now the MVP and he is ferocious : ) RAWR
Opinion: Awesome game managed to pull out a win after getting roughed up hard. I still can't understand how to play Denny proper but I shall keep trying and hope for the best I guess.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stress Relief

So I have finals this tuesday and wednesday so decided rather than wracking my brain on my classes and stressing out for classes I have a good understanding with that I would just build all of my cryx that I hadn't built yet and used my new brushes that were given me today to finish up some of my models. I need to go to my LGS to buy black spray paint as well as buy some dull cote? (PP forums told me to use it so I shall), and some washes to help finish up my models so I can be even more proud of them : )

Models I own-

Goreshade the Bastard + Deathwalker
Iron Lich Asphixious
War Witch Denegrah

Reaper ( Magnetized so can be changed if needed)
Slayer (no magnets, old metal model)

6 Mechanithralls
1 Surgeon + 3 Stich thralls
1 Brute thrall
3 Withershadow Combine (1 unit)
2 Bane thralls
Bane thrall UA

Pistol Wraith
Necrotech and Scrap Thrall buddy
Warwitch Siren

To finish my favorite goreshade list I need another 8 banes... A Deathjack, Bane Lord Tartarus, and Skarlock for my 35 point list
For 25 point list I need another brute thrall, 8 banes, BLT, and a skarlock
Overall a very long time until I have my favorite list but now I have enough I can field a mediocre army if I ever find a small tourney setting. 

List I'd use in a tourney with models I own
33pts - Gunning from behind but so be it >.<
Asphyxious +6
1x Deathripper -4
1x Defiler -5
1x Reaper -7
1x Slayer -6
6x Mechanithralls -3
1x Brute thrall -1
1x Surgeon and company -2
1x Necrotech + Scrap -1
1x Pistol wraith -3
1x Siren -2
1x Withershadow Combine -5

Asphyxious +6
2 Deathripper -8
1 Slayer -6
1 Reaper -7
6 Mechanithralls - 3
1 Surgeon -2
1 Withershadow combine -5

Friday, January 21, 2011


Sorry for the caps but really excited I finally got my photos!
Now to begin photo spam... Please forgive the blehness of my photos, I can't afford a second desk lamp or a good camera, as well as this is my very first time posting photos of my models.
Also sorry for how many I photos I took.

Snuggles the slayer!

I can has hug?

Spewey (Defiler)

Fido! Fetch! (Deathripper)

Smashy! (Deathripper [needs a face fix])

Why his name is smashy

Reaper! (1st model I painted for Warmachine) Captain Pointy :)

Family Photo!

Slayer and his chicken brothers

Denny and her chickens