Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Harpoon Army!

Well I'm gonna start off by seeming like a hypocrite having just said how much I use goreshade and this list has Denny but for a good reason!
Night Wretch
Night Wretch
5 Ogrun Boarding Party
5 Ogrun Boarding Party
6 Bane Thralls
Bane Thrall UA
10 Mechanithralls
2 Brutes
1 Surgeon

Now hopefully those of you who know cryx know how many harpoons are in this list.... 11 No big deal O.o
Well here is where I find this list to be entirely genius, the list focuses on pulling the enemy warcaster or warlock as far as possible in a turn. Why this is so important is simple, each harpoon deals damage as well as pulls the caster further from its army that fought to protect them. By having denny she can cast scourge on the enemy warcaster (through a night wretch ideally.) By getting the wretch close to the enemy caster I can prevent the scatter from going off the caster making it a guarenteed knockdown. Now rather than my ogruns terrible rat of 5 all they need now is not double 1s! Now by having the ogrun in a zig zag they can pull the caster until its an inch away and then repeat until the caster reaches the reaper, who in turn wrecks face on a downed caster. If the opponent has a high arm caster then deny casts all her debuffs and feats which will have the armor and defense down to so pathetically low that the ogrun will still excel. Now the important thing with this assassination attempt is for whatever reason that this may fail isn't a game breaker. Even if the caster survives they probably are out of range to allocate focus to their jacks or to control their warbeasts. Then all Denny has to do is make sure her feat is on so she can't be charged in case of a fail and keep her distance so stealth protects her. I can't wait to try this army out, especially because I made an effort to keep the army balanced in case I decide going for the caster kill will be too difficult.
Awesome Sauce Yes? I certainly think so!

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  1. I like your thinking and was investigating a similar idea, however I recently came across this Privateer Press ruling that makes it not work quit as well.

    ""Any distance" means "as far as possible" according to Privateer Press's Forum rulings. So if you are able to push the model into base to base contact with the attacker, then you must. "

    By the way I was thinking of using Reaper and Malice combined with the Withershadow Combine to really boost my jacks on the field. Then throw in Aiakos and some Ogruns to pull units out apart causing them a round of inaction.