Friday, January 28, 2011

Woo Battlebox Game

Sorry all wanted to get this battle report sooner. Unfortunately a lot of bad things happened all at once but its sorted out and back to the game!
Alright so this game was against a good friend of mine, Kevin we both started this game pretty much together and it was a lot of fun :)
Kevin's Khador

Jason's Cryx
Slayer (Snuggles)
Defiler (Spewy)
Deathripper (Smashy)
Deathripper (Fido)

Deployment as such the deployment zone was clear but this was the map :)
 Rolled for first and I failed haha ah well
Khador Turn 1
So the Destroyer got focus as shown and was hoping to get a nice early shot off but was out of range and the scatter didn't favor the bold. Sorscha moved forward and cast Fog of War. Juggernaut ran his little heart out.

Cryx Turn 1

Smashy ran on the left where he felt safe. Spewy decided to guard the wall. Snuggles ran forward to block los to Denny. Fido ran right side. Denny advanced and tried to cast crippling grasp but missed by 2/10ths of an inch... le sigh haha

Khador Turn 2
(Note Denny was prepped for her turn took the pic too late... Sorry!)
Khador uses their feat so once again activation is significant.  Sorscha advanced cast, Boundless charge, Feated and then ran away using windrush [what I suggested to kevin I want him to get tricky :)] The destroyer shot at the slayer and dealt some damage, juggernaut charged in and slaughtered snuggles :( [Sidenote to me: Seriously? You need to learn to use your slayer better, He gets killed everytime for no reason!]

Cryx Turn 2 

Grr Stinky Khador jerk faces... Okay well Smashy used his focus to advance for an arc angle. Spewy used a focus and then lined up a real nice spew! Corroded the destroyer and missed sorscha ah well. Denny moved forward feated , cast crippling grasp on the juggernaut, then smacked him in the face for a shadowbind :) Fido shook with a focus and then tried to nom on the jug but didn't deal much damage but its okay. 

Khador Turn 3

Destroyer decided to beast out and slap spewy around :( Sorscha cast razorwin on spewy but missed! Yay! Juggernaut tried slapping around fido but couldn't pin him down.

Cryx Turn 3

So decided that Denny would bloody her hands this time and the chickens would rescue her if needed. Denny cast scourge through spewy and sorscha is knocked down. Denny charged in hit her real hard on the charge, bought another attack and skewered sorscha for a job well done! GAME OVER

Opinion: Lots of fun Kevin is definitely learning some more tricks and albeit didn't win, had me on the run. Which is great seeing as I started playing again a month ahead of him and this was his first game back. Overall I think this game was good fun and showed a lot of improvement on my thought process and especially Kevin's. 

Best Team Player! Spewy helped Denny immensly by arcing scourge!

Thats right the lovely lady herself is MVP this game. She earned her kill bravely!
 Yea thats right I just added best team player because Spewy sealed the deal for denny and I feel he deserved some important notice. Don't like it? TOO BAD! Haha.

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