Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hello World!

So I've been into warmachine for a while now and haven't really made much progress for being too lazy. Unfortunately unlike many other blogs for warmachine I can't say I am a professional player, I can't say I am a tournament winner, I am especially not the chosen one :( All I can say is I am a good player and am determined to use the models I want in the manner I want to use them! People have always told me that my lists won't work and that I make terrible choices and yet I find new strategies and tricks to help me win! I thoroughly enjoy using Goreshade the Bastard as my signature caster. I use The Bastard every chance I get and thats my S/N on vassal if you ever want to play a game! I have made a site to help those who may not have chosen their faction yet but are interested as well as written an article on how to play mark II to help people make the transition as well as invite new players to try it out. Overall I think I am going to force my friends to become interested in warmachine as well as force myself to become involved more in my local gaming store. Overall I think warmachine is an amazing game and has some much versatlity a person like myself who may not have the best models etc. Can still succeed with sound strategy and pure determination. Also Ihave the option of linking models from amazon! I think this is totally awesome since I can convince people how awesome some models are hopefully I shall inspire them to buy and learn their own unconventional army!

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