Friday, January 28, 2011

Totally Awesome Battle Report for Once!

Yeap thats right I finally planned ahead and took pictures of my game so I could keep everyone properly informed :) No more half-assed battle reports... So long as I remember to do this... And will only be for vassal games.... but yeah!

Cryx Battlebox - Me
Snuggles (Slayer)
Defiler (Spewy)
Deathripper (Smashy)
Deathripper (Fido)

Cygnar Battlebox - Tmage


Steamroller Map 5 

The map was pretty basic the deployment zones aren't shown but they were clear so yea

Battle Report!
So we rolled off and I won first and chose top with my cryx!
Cryx Turn 1

As shown in the picture above, (if its too tiny click it and its get hugeee) Spewy runs on the far left, Smashy runs on the inside left, Denny moved forward and hugged the wall, Snuggles ran forward on the inward right, and lastly Fido ran forward and the far right.

Cygnar Turn 1
 Charger shot at spewy and tore of his head and cortex =( Stryker moved forward and failed at casting earthquake on smashy and scatter to no where important. Lancer ran forward and chilled in front of the wall. Ironclad ran forward hanging onto the edge of the wall. 

Cryx Turn 2

Smashy ran boldy forward and hugged the charger trying to stop him from shooting, Spewy limped away from the shots closer to denny, Denny moved forward, arced crippling grasp onto the Ironclad. Snuggles charged and generally wiffed at doing any real damage to the lancer. Fido ran forward and arced at the Ironclad for denny.

Cygnar Turn 2
The charger swung at lil smashy and he nimbly dodged :) Stryker cast earthquake hitting both lancer and snuggles and he feated :(. Lancer gives up move and starts to slowly ping away on Mr. Snuggles. Ironclad frustrated that he has grasp on him limps forward torward the combat.

Cryx Turn 3
Smashy had full focus and managed to do a lil bit of damage even against strykers feat! :) Spewy limped forward from denny to help arc on the charger but failed to crippling grasp ( never knew I had to roll for an offensive debuff.. :[ ) Denny tried casting grasp but failed. Snuggles gave up his move to combo strike lancer in the face and did pretty healthy damage :) Fido wanted to help keep Ironclad in place and ran behind him got wrecked pretty hard from free strike but surprisingly didn't lose anything significant.

Cygnar Turn 3

Gonna change up the left to right order I've been doing as order was very important in this turn. Stryker had boldy moved forward cast, earthquake and KD denny but didn't know about stealth so his guns couldn't hit. The charger sprinted past smashy and spewy in order to help mitigate denny, Fido did a heavy FS :) The lancer pinged on the slayer and didn't make much impact... Ironclad turned and started slapping around fido but realized fido is very hard to hit, Hurray for grasp! Huzzah! 

Cryx Turn 4
 Spewy paced in a lil closer and arced for denny. Denny passed movement to stand then cast scourge through spewy onto stryker but sadly it scattered and hit lancer, stryker, and Snuggles! Denny then arced a boost dmg venom dealing 7 points. Smashy turned around and bit stryker in the face and dealt a nice 9 damage :) Stryker is down to 1 box and Mr Snuggles has no way to reach him O.o  Crunch time Fido! Fido boldly sprints past the ironclad nimbly dodging the ironclad's hammer and deals another 11 points! GAME OVER

Overall this game was very tricky and both of us struggled quite a lot. I really need to reread the rules :) A lot of rules I never really knew for sure came up today and learned a lot of important things.... I am hating denny more and more....

Overall I am proud of all my models everyone had their own important part, whether it be tying up a model, hurting a jack, or just running up and taking a nice big ol bite out of stryker!

MVP- FIDO! Successfully earned himself a caster kill and came through when I needed him most!

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