Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Might have finally sold someone (: ])

So I finally got around to getting in a few games with my friends around my place and teach them how to play.
We agreed only jacks but he insisted on 25 pts (-_-)
Cryx (Me)


I set up and went first. He set up his army all up front can't remember the order was too busy teacherin. I set up my army all across from him staring him down O.o
Terrain = NONE

So my turn I gave focus to all of my jacks and ran full throttle at his army ready to take my beating. He moved very cautiously and shot at a few jacks and I lost a few points >.< Next turn I advance my reaper to shoot his heavy and completely missed by a 1/5 of an inch >.<  The slayer who was ready to help his reaper bro ran away disappointedly across the table. The death rippers ran into the jack shooting at him hoping for free strikes. The defiler kept near denny and they both pushed forward. Next turn the menoth feated and pushed his heavy forward to help him charge reaper (my idea, awesome it worked, sad i killed my own reaper...) The deathrippers get beat up on and thats about it. My turn i run a deathripper cause FS and he dies =::( The other deathripper can't move or bite or anything. Denny feats catching all the models in :) and casted parasite through the defiler that walked past his heavy and took a FS. The last deathripper thats untouched sprints into kreoss. Menoth is badly crippled and trys slapping things around and fails pretty bad. The completely uneventful slayer charges and revenger hits it and bounces off for giggles. The deathripper says he is sick of this and noms on kreoss' face! HURRAY FOR SMASHY!!!!!!
He is now the MVP and he is ferocious : ) RAWR
Opinion: Awesome game managed to pull out a win after getting roughed up hard. I still can't understand how to play Denny proper but I shall keep trying and hope for the best I guess.

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