Friday, January 21, 2011

The Dreaded Nemo!

So today I fought a nemo player and was a little nervous since he went jack heavy.
15pts each
Goreshade +6
Seether -9
Reaper - 7
WSC - 5


Pretty simple two lakes in front of the middle for both of us trees off to the sides near center and thats about it for terrain
We deployed across from each other I had goreshade snuggle with reaper and seether while the WSC flanked around a lake.
He had all his jacks up the middle and nemo hiding behind them.

He rolled and won first turn and ran everything boldly forward. I ran forward flanking the WSC hard after the firefly, The snuggle buddies all plodded forward caustiously trying to remain out of charge range. Goreshade casted Shadowmancer so now my whole army had stealth! His turn he ran all his jacks up right in my face not realizing he was too far to charge (new to vassal distances) The firefly advanced into range and shot my WSC but luckily all generally shrugged it off likes brave liches! My turn 2 I charged the WSC wrecking the firely and making my helldiver DIG DUG! The helldiver plodded forward and dug in :) The reaper aimed and shot at the lancer pulling him in and wrecking him with the 2 focus bastard gave him. The seether charged the stormclad and epic failed at his smash and grab with double 1's for strength check.... The seether did a lot of attacks and dmg after using the 2 focus gore gave him (totally forgot seether make own focus). Goreshade the brave bastard he is charged into the stormclad and sealed the deal! Yippee! Goreshade killed his first jack surprisingly...  Nemo is all alone and begins to quiver in fear :) Turn 3 Nemo advanced shot me with lightning did 4 points on goreshade and then my opponent called it quits. Darn it! I checked distance and rolled later to realize I would have got first caster kill with goreshade too =[ ah well.
This game was a bit rough as we just had very mean lists and he just wasn't ready to play a game yet not really knowing how to guess range in vassal. Overall he was a nice guy Mat Knight (play him if you get a chance! Really nice guy took it like a man!) I think I shall remember him and rematch him once he gets a better feel for vassal.

Sidenote: Battlebox is 99% painted. I really liked how it came out and desperately wish to post photos for critique but sadly will be quite a lot of effort for me to do and I have finals next week. Le Sigh

If anyone is actually out there listening to me please leave a comment! :)

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