Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stress Relief

So I have finals this tuesday and wednesday so decided rather than wracking my brain on my classes and stressing out for classes I have a good understanding with that I would just build all of my cryx that I hadn't built yet and used my new brushes that were given me today to finish up some of my models. I need to go to my LGS to buy black spray paint as well as buy some dull cote? (PP forums told me to use it so I shall), and some washes to help finish up my models so I can be even more proud of them : )

Models I own-

Goreshade the Bastard + Deathwalker
Iron Lich Asphixious
War Witch Denegrah

Reaper ( Magnetized so can be changed if needed)
Slayer (no magnets, old metal model)

6 Mechanithralls
1 Surgeon + 3 Stich thralls
1 Brute thrall
3 Withershadow Combine (1 unit)
2 Bane thralls
Bane thrall UA

Pistol Wraith
Necrotech and Scrap Thrall buddy
Warwitch Siren

To finish my favorite goreshade list I need another 8 banes... A Deathjack, Bane Lord Tartarus, and Skarlock for my 35 point list
For 25 point list I need another brute thrall, 8 banes, BLT, and a skarlock
Overall a very long time until I have my favorite list but now I have enough I can field a mediocre army if I ever find a small tourney setting. 

List I'd use in a tourney with models I own
33pts - Gunning from behind but so be it >.<
Asphyxious +6
1x Deathripper -4
1x Defiler -5
1x Reaper -7
1x Slayer -6
6x Mechanithralls -3
1x Brute thrall -1
1x Surgeon and company -2
1x Necrotech + Scrap -1
1x Pistol wraith -3
1x Siren -2
1x Withershadow Combine -5

Asphyxious +6
2 Deathripper -8
1 Slayer -6
1 Reaper -7
6 Mechanithralls - 3
1 Surgeon -2
1 Withershadow combine -5

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