Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day! Cryx Battle Report

So last night I was fairly confident that I was going to have a snow day (I did)  :) 
I decided it'd be a great night to finally break the ice and get back into playing warmachine in vassal again.
I met a nice guy named Justin Crockett who was a retribution player he had (guessing/can't remember) 
Justin Crockett's Retribution of Scyrah 35 point list (I think?)
2 Mage Hunter Assassins
10 Mage Hunter Strike Force
10 Sentinels 
Sentinel UA
2 Magisters

VS.  My lovely Goreshade list 35 pts
Goreshade + Deathwalker
Banelord Tartarus
6 Banes
6 Mechanithralls + 2 Brutes + Surgeon
Necrotech and Scrapthrall buddy
Horrible Summary of Game
 I won the roll off and promptly gave up first so I could find out what was going on having not played vassal,warmachine in months and retribution ever.I set up the scrap thrall went off on his own so he didn't blow any of us up. The reaper had goreshade hugging his back so not to get shot. The Deathjack was AD near middle. WSC hugged near the reaper as did the necrotech. Mechanithralls and company flanked goreshade. The Banes and BLT were my left flankers near the pointless hills. He set up mostly in the middle, MHSF were in the front, sentinels flanked by gorgons and garyyth, magisters, and assassins in the rear. The terrain had pointless hills to the left and right wayyyy in the back and 2 walls meeting at a corner on opposite sides in the middle.... A big funnel really. He went first scrambled his men forward and cast mirage on sentinels. MHSF were a little bit out of range but not by much and he decided shooting a few wasn't worth his time and gave me turn. I scrambled my men forward. Everyone was pretty much heading forward DJ wasn't in charge range so he scooted back to benefit from his soon to be granted stealth from goreshade. I used my first crafty trick I only thought up recently. I ran the reaper up ahead of goreshade about 9 inches. Goreshade then activated, charged reaper back, had to stab him (didn't know that... tore out his movement boxes =[ ) cast shadowmancer and then feated creating 6 bane thralls as far up as possible. The banes then activated killing a few MHSF but most importantly blocked up the funnel first turn! I shocked everyone in the match and possibly created my own little goreshade signature move =] His turn consisted of shifting a gorgon around the combat and being too far to shoot DJ. The MHSF killed 3 of the banes, the sentinels braces for the rest of my army. The assassins and magisters kinda walked around and looked funny. The other gorgon was trying to get around the huge combat. Garyyth cast psychic vampire and upkept mirage. His turn done and now my second turn! It was my time to keep going balls to the wall! The banes on the left flank scurried up and BLT was in range to curse the MHSF and charge making 1 new bane =]. The banes in combat were hacking up many more MHSF now! The tech ran over and fixed the reapers legs for 3. The scrap kept running like a bat out of hell.  WSC were finally getting around the wall and lined themselves up outside of garyyths control area (vampire). Reaper sat pretty so he could get fixed up and take bullets for Goreshade. Deathwalker kept circling around Goreshade trying to breathtake for him. DJ (Goreshade gave him 1 focus) charged the gorgon that peaked out to say hello! The DJ wrecked it after using all its focus and all initial attacks. Goreshade kept hugging his reaper buddy feeling guilty and cast soul gate and got the DJ the hell out of dodge and recast shadowmancer. Mech thralls got a few into combat with MHSF but couldn't do much damage. My turn is done. Retribution is angry! The MHSF continues to pick off the last of the banes in combat. The sentinels move closer to the combat and start hacking mech thralls, BLT  and the last few banes and blocked a charge lane for my left flank banes. A assassins kept close to Garyyth ( I think he feared me going for caster v caster.) the other went for the left flank banes. Garyyth upkept his spells and shot a mech in the face and broke the harpoon on the reaper =[. The other gorgon finally rounded the combat and shot my WSC. Magisters shot my mechs. His turn done and Cryx revenge! I decided I want jack dominance and will do anything to kill the gorgon.The tech failed fixing the reaper, reaper moved and critcally missed the gorgon. I activate the WSC trying to make a new jack but am told I can't charge due to being shot by gorgon ...huh... So I get sneaky and line up Dark fire shots on the 3 sentinels blocking my charge for the gorgon. 3 sentinels dead and 3 banes scrap a gorgon as the other 3 fail hitting the assassin. The combat banes are down to 1 who kills a MHSF and sits pretty. The mechs push deeper into combat taking a few MHSF and sentinels. Scrap keeps running finally behind the enemy army woo! DJ started to line up a trample and goreshade walked with him and recast shadowmancer once again. Deathwalker kept within range of Goreshade in case he gets wrecked from an assassin. My turn done and retributions last turn. Sentinels continue to wreck banes, mechs and brutes.  Last 3 MHSF sneak away from combat lining up shots on goreshade. Garyyth moves up to cast spells on WSC but fails, YAY stealth, but upkeeps mirage and vampire. Assassin turns and kills scrap thrall =:::( Retribution is done. MAJOR MESS UP!!!! Yup it finally happened we both didn't know a rule and no one on vassal watching us played cryx :( I feel bad for messing up trust me! I gave focus to reaper, activated the wsc and cast unbinding causing the upkeeps to go away. I goofed and thought that unbinding hurt the unit upkept and not just the warcaster! :( So I wrecked a lot of sentinels in the way. The reaper charged Garyyth and punched him in the face hard enough to kill him in 1 shot O.o
Overall it was a totally cool game and great to finally get back into vassal by creating a new friendly nemesis who I must rematch for a game I hopefully won't mess up the rules! This game was a lot of fun very intense and overall everyone watching and playing were all really nice! Woo!
Sorry this battle report is so disordered sadly this wasn't planned to be a battle report and written up from memory. 
Things I learned
What I learned Necrotech is meh, Goreshade alpha strike was a success!, Goreshade stabs reaper really hard =[ next time probably will just use a mech thrall and have the surgeon rebuild him next turn. Retribution is an odd army but is very easy to control if I force them to fight me right away and don't let any tricks happen. Goreshade rocks being up in your face fast, I usually play him back so he can wreck face late game but he is just as good in your face early as he is late! Need to work on BLT strategy as he only killed 1 model and only helped the banes kill another 3 which isn't bad but he can do far better! Reaper was poorly used and really lost his potential to wreck face. I might use him more if the soul gate trick works well for WSC to get Dark industries off easier

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