Thursday, February 24, 2011

Terminus for thought...

So was busy thinking about my terminus lists that I've been running through my head and I stumbled across a few things that might in fact actually be pretty useful with Termy that people might not have considered before :) First idea was provided to me by which inspired me with their terminus theme army and ended up thinking of a scavenger army with terminus, you know the surgeons, the techs, and one that I like to think thats used to gather necrotite, the helldiver! The helldiver is something appealing to me with termy as sure they aren't guarenteed assassination piece by 2 working together sure can get the job done, or even terminus and a helldiver can make a swell team! The helldiver is a heat seeking missle that can barely be stopped unless I let them and once he has the caster in his sights pop up and headbutt or slam as needed :) This lets the second helldiver nom the casters face off, or terminus worry about buy swing rather than boosting hits. Next up on the terminus thoughts comes the reaper. I realize he is often neglected from the small litter that terminus likes to bring (much like the helldiver hehe). The reaper can get the most out of having ravager placed on him except compared to nightmare >.< But the important part of this whole plan is the fact that terminus loves to extend his charge distance and I hate mercs with a passion so no madelyn. If the reaper moves ahead of termy hopefully 6-8 inches ahead, and turns around to face termy (dun dun DUNNN) The reaper hopefully with 2 focus and puppet strings (shouldn't be too hard of a set up as WSC is in almost all my lists) The reaper boosts hit needs 9 on 3 dice.... so needs an average roll and puppet strings as needed. Next up we have the hardest part DMGing Terminus... If terminus gave away 2 focus and kept the rest with no souls *Yet* The reaper would need 11 to dmg terminus average again being 9 so kinda hard but with puppet strings that should most likely not have been needed the roll is actually pretty obtainable. Termy moves 6-8in up to the reaper and then can fly/charge 9in + 2in reach giving me a maximum of about 20in if all things go swell.... Kinda optimistic perhaps but I think its a clutch move that in my darkest hour might just shine brilliantly.... or crash in a blazing glory. Well sorry for the rambling, insomnia + stress = disarranged thoughts.
If anyone is listening I'd like to hear your thoughts on these ideas, I realize they aren't the conventional thoughts and I won't deny the fact that I am totally trying to be a unique snowflake terminus army, DEAL WITH IT =)

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