Saturday, February 5, 2011


Yup I finally painted my lil pistoleer as I continue to try and paint all my models. Also today I bought 2 washes and have liberally washed all of my cryx and now I need to learn to do highlights and then my models will be complete :) The pistol wraith was something lazy and fun for me as I chose to do a lot of drybrushing pretty much the whole model except the pistols. Unfortunately.... I can't get the camera to work so pictures of the lil spook will have to wait... :( But as an important sidenote I got frustrated with the crappyness that is goreshades model and decided to flip his sword over and will be adding a skull to his gimpy hand to hopefully make him a lil cooler. The deathwalker I merely added a gravestone to her base to make her seem less tiny :)

Sadly the worst part of all this progress has reminded me that I have painted only a single model that I use in goreshade's army.... =(  (poor lonely captain pointy)

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