Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Bastard Lives!

Yup thats right I finally painted the big man himself. Not gonna lie he looks pretty sweet from a distance.... Not so hot up close but for once I tried painting every detail on the model so for a first attempt I am quite pleased and he does look good close up just a few major flaws that irritate me... Next up should hopefully be the Withershadow Combine which I am hoping will end up being pretty awesome since they too make pretty much every single list I make alongside of captain pointy! Once again I apologize for no pics as of yet but the stupid camera is busy being a big stupid face >:(  The deathwalker is half done... I managed to bs a pretty decent zombie skin tone and now I need black paint to fix up her robe and then do the flame scheme that I have decided to do on all clothing in my army :) As I continue to paint I want to play more which frustrates me as I haven't found a LGS for warmachine :( I keep playing vassal here and there but since a friend of mine is borrowing my rulebook for like the past 3 weeks I haven't felt right about playing without being able to check a rule so no to cheat anyone... So I haven't been playing and probably won't be playing for quite a while... :(

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