Monday, February 21, 2011

Withershadow Combine!

Man do I love this unit. Its simply a unit stuffed full of awesomeness on an undead platter. The WSC have always been very useful in my games and I unlike many of my cryxian brothers for some reason or another, have had a really really easy time making jacks with them :) Of course none of this could be accomplished without the help of Captain Pointy (Reaper). I finally decided that I would brave them and painted them all up but unfortunately I am far too cross eyed / lazy to take photos of them right now. Next up on the block will most likely be scrap thrall and necrotech to help practice undead skin tones for my mechanithrall unit. Any suggestions on a good yellowish brown flesh tone would be awesome! 

P.S. I finally bought a little drill and  brass rods and have been enjoying pinning my models thoroughly :) I finally found a use for some spare ogres that I had from my Beastmen army and have been testing there strength by picking them up and dropping them and they lived! Finally GW Product is worth something :p

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